Enrique Cubillo Coach Dan Bowen roller skiing in Central Park
Enrique Cubillo, Coach Dan Bowen roller skiing in Central Park

Ski Harlem’s mission it is to teach Americans how exciting and fun Roller Skiing can be. The hills of Harlem are the pinnacle of what Manhattan Island has on offer for Roller Skiers. This is not pan flat boring terrain. This is up and down slopes that will feel you with a maximum athletic sense of accomplishment like no other endurance sport.

We begin safely and on grass with Nordic walking and bounding. From there we move on to pan flat play grounds and a variety of beginner choices technically. Nothing will ever seem mysterious nor hard to understand. No part of our training is ever calculated risk. We progress in skill set at strength in baby steps.  Our aim is to teach you to ski the hills of Harlem, the skiing capital of USA!

We are coaches Enrique Cubillo and Dan Bowen.

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